Welcome and my #1 YA Novel of 2013

Welcome to my blog! My goal for 2014 is to delve deeper into both the classics and young adult literature. I read a few great young adult novels this year, and I want to read many more this year as I prepare to become a librarian.


I can say without hesitation that Eleanor & Park was one of my favorite YA books of 2013. In fact, it may have been one of my favorite books period. Rainbow Rowell grasps the life of the “other” in this novel, and that is something that other young adult authors haven’t accomplished as easily. We all know or have been an Eleanor and a Park. Eleanor appears cold and calloused, as if the snide comments and outright bullying don’t bother her, but they do. Unfortunately, she has much worse things to worry about, things that she wants to keep hidden. I appreciated Rowell’s respect for these characters, however fictionalized they may be. We are purposely kept in the dark about the past and future, meaning that we have to learn to live in the moment. It’s a big lesson for a YA novel, but it’s one that many other books try to peddle. Rowell leads by example in this instance. We feel the pain, the excitement, and the anger as it happens. She knows how to create the tension and head over heels feeling of teenage love, and she is good at it. I give Eleanor & Park five out of five stars.




8 thoughts on “Welcome and my #1 YA Novel of 2013

  1. Some of my favorite books are YA Literature. I love to reread books that I enjoyed in middle school and high school and reconnecting with the characters, it feels like visiting an old friend again. I also like how young adult literature can have so many layers to it that we miss when we are young. My book club recently read The Book Thief (a book I read and really enjoyed when I was in high school) and I was shocked by how much I missed the first time around! I have never read Eleanor& Park but I think I will give it a try!

  2. Ooh I just read this book & it is one of my all-time favorites! I had borrowed it from the library along with Fangirl, was halfway through Fangirl & didn’t like it (I know people will hate me for saying that). So I was going to return them both on Monday & at the last second decided to keep Eleanor & Park. I am so glad I did! I started it Monday afternoon, then went to bed with it & finished it at 2:30 a.m. Found myself swooning! Am definitely a fan now. I’ve heard good things about Attachments & might check that one out!

  3. I’ve really been wanting to read this book, as well as FanGirl! I’ll have to go get myself a copy. I haven’t even seen them on our libraries shelves yet since so many people have hold on them!

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